Car Air Conditioning

Ideally your car air conditioning (AC) should be checked & serviced annually. Failure to do so can result in expensive repair costs if your AC fails.

GT Auto Centre, the best car service center in Dubai, has full AC repair facilities from simple gas recharge through to full AC repair should this be needed.

No appointment necessary for AC inspection & recharge, just come & see us for a rapid and quality Car Service.

We do Full AC repair, not just recharge.

Car AC is put under incredible strain during the hot summer months in Dubai, and similar to your car engine, the air-conditioning system also needs regular maintenance. Our air-conditioning (AC) service removes all of your old gas, vacuums the system, change the oil and re-fills with exactly the correct amount of gas.

Many of us are familiar with using air-con in our car on both hot and cold days, but not many people are aware that like other parts of your car, the air-conditioning system also needs regular attention to make sure it is working efficiently.Car air-conditioning in dubai

You may not be aware that over 20% of air-con gas leakes from the air-con system every year, which means that it may not work as well as it should. This is why car manufacturers recommend your Air-Con system is recharged with gas and lubricant every 2 years. This service is not part of routine vehicle servicing, so if your vehicle is more than 2 years old it’s probably due a recharge.

GT Auto Centre offers a complete air conditioning recharge service available in Dubai. Operated on a drive-in basis there is usually no need for an appointment , or book an appointment now at GT Auto Centre using our online web service here. Within an hour the whole recharge process is completed. The process can also include a system de-bug to clear bacterial build up from within the system, which will remove any unpleasant odours.

Our trained technicians will show you the difference in your Air-Con system before and after recharge. Air-Con systems not fully recharged will be less effective and have to work harder putting more strain on the engine and using more fuel..

During the hotter summer months motorists use the Air-Con system more. however your system is also useful in winter. Air-Con systems create dry warm air rather than the normal humid air from outside and this de-mists your car windscreen more quickly.

To keep your Air-Con system fully charged all year, Why not call in to GT Auto Centre and have your vehicle’s air conditioning system recharged today.