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Are you In need of Car Upholstery repair?

Are you in need of Car Upholstery repair

Are you In need of Car Upholstery repair?

If you are begrudgingly fighting off saggy, drooping car roof upholstery, or headliner, you’re definitely not alone. Don’t worry, it’s normal and this car repair isn’t very expensive. First, let’s figure out when we need car upholstery repair?

Given that you stand in one of the following shoes, we got your back!:

Give Your Car a Makeover: Replacing your car’s upholstery is a simple way to change the experience of driving. While lots of people focus on exterior makeovers, the inside of your car is very important for your comfort and brings new ease to the equation. You can repair damaged upholstery and experience it on your own.

Repair After an Accident: This is the most common reason to get upholstery repair. The soft surfaces inside your car can experience rips, tears, burns, and other types of damage during an accident. Repairing these will help you move on after the collision.

Cigarette Damage: If you are a smoker, then you know how damaging cigarettes can be to fabric! Both ashes and cigarette butts can damage your car’s interior, even if you are careful. Repair the damaged fabric to fix the look of your car.

Water Damage: This is also very common. Water damage can come from getting stuck in the rain or from spilling a liquid inside your car. An upholstery repair can fix the damage.

Wear and tear: The adhesive breaks down over time.

Your car’s headliner is actually made with 2 different materials—polyurethane, a foam-like layer that goes directly over your car ceiling, and a layer of fabric that goes on top of the polyurethane. This headliner stays in place with an adhesive; over time, as the glue breaks down, the headliner starts to droop and sag off your car’s ceiling. Typically, car headliners start to sag after 10-15 years.

Different types of Car Upholstery Repairs: 

There are different car upholstery options, numerous in fact.  Most cars have either cloth, leather, or vinyl upholsteries. Cloth upholsteries are available in either nylon or polyester. Nylon is strong, but also tends to shove off dirt easier. On the other hand, polyester is very soft but less durable. If the cloth isn’t your style, then leather or vinyl is the way to go. Leather is the most popular, but also tends to be the most expensive and is to be maintained accordingly. 

Now let’s discuss the most common issue faced: Running into a problem with the headliner.

The most frequently asked question is:

How can a  headliner be fixed without removing it?

The edges are glued and sides back into place with a spray adhesive.

If the headliner is sagging along the edge of the car ceiling, a quick touch of glue can do the trick. Sprayng the loose and peeling underside of the headliner with the adhesive, along with the exposed section of the ceiling, and then the material is pressed back into place. Sometimes a spray of 2 coats of adhesive is done for extra security.

Another way is to do it yourself:

By securing loose edges with double-sided tape.

Stick 1 section of double-sided tape along the peeling underside of the headliner. Then, stick the tape onto your car’s roof. This is an easy fix for any peeling sections along the edges of your headliner.

What if the headliner is sagging in the center?

You’ll need to replace the entire headliner.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick or handy way to re-glue the center of your headliner onto the backing board. Instead, you’ll need to remove the headliner completely and replace it with new fabric.

Which Adhesive spray to use when mending car upholstery?

A high-temperature adhesive spray is best.

Spray glue is easy to apply in an even layer and helps your headliner stick firmly to the backing board. Professionals recommend using a high-temperature adhesive—about 2 cans are enough for a standard sedan, but you might need more if you’re repairing a larger vehicle.


Unfortunately, the friction of your brakes causes your brake pads to wear down over time, and they will need to be replaced time and time again.

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