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Bently Roof Liner Repair Dubai

bently roof liner service dubai

Bently Roof Liner Repair Dubai

Bently Roof Liner Repair In Dubai, What Are Your Choices?

The sunroof of your Bently sometimes presents irregularities or is liable to be damaged during a disaster. A + Glass technicians can respond to this kind of problem quickly and professionally.

GT Auto Centre expertise for your sunroof

GT Auto Centre agents can identify a leak or an engine problem quickly in order to offer you a suitable solution. If the damage to your roof is too serious, we work with approved suppliers to provide you with the service that meets your needs. Indeed, sometimes replacement is the only possible solution. We are committed to repairing and replacing your sunroof as soon as possible. Choosing services for Bently Roof Liner Repair Dubai is easier than ever now.

How much does it cost to replace my sunroof?

First of all, you need to check your glass breakage insurance contract if you have one. Indeed, it stipulates if your sunroof is included. However, be careful. Some roofs have characteristics that exclude them from contracts (such as a panoramic sunroof included as bodywork and not as glass), so remember to validate in writing that your sunroof is covered by your insurance to avoid any inconvenience. If the sunroof corresponds to the clauses listed in your glass breakage contract, you will not have to advance any costs for the change or repair. Now that you can get Bently Roof Liner Repair Services quickly in Dubai with GT Auto Centre, the deals are perfect.

  • A very practical accessory from mid-season, the electric sunroof offers two opening possibilities: a simple opening by lifting its rear part an adjustable opening by sliding from front to back.
  • Thanks to a new generation of extremely compact motors, the motorization systems are integrated as close as possible to the opening panel, the latter being either sheet metal or tinted thermal glass.
  • Generally, an aerodynamic deflector deploys automatically when the sliding panel exceeds a quarter of its travel in order to eliminate violent eddies of air in the passenger compartment.

The most serious failure of this system is the blocking of the sliding panel in the half-open position. But we can also be confronted with unpleasant incidents, which result in water infiltration, or the whistling of air.

Stopping Water Infiltration

In the event of water infiltration occurring only at high speed, it is necessary to first ensure that the small pipe, intended to evacuate the water accumulated in the gutter surrounding the opening of the sunroof, is not blocked: the water accumulated in the gutter can then be expelled towards the interior of the Bentlyby the aerodynamic pressure.

Resuming adjustment requires the removal of at least part of the roof covering, an operation to be carried out taking care not to damage the covering or to scratch the roof panel. If the panel can no longer be controlled or moves only jerkily, first, make sure that the electrical motor control circuit is performing its functions in all control switch configurations. Then check the operation of the motor itself. These motors are almost always beyond repair and should be replaced if they fail.


If the problem persists when all the electrical causes are eliminated, you will need to disassemble the drive mechanism, often requiring the removal of almost the entire sunroof (except the fixed frame), one of the most frequent failures being the breakage of the turns of the drive cable meshing with the motor pinion.


Unfortunately, the friction of your brakes causes your brake pads to wear down over time, and they will need to be replaced time and time again.

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