Car Brakes

For safety reasons, this is the number one service issue you need to take seriously.  Pop in to GT Auto Centre for us to give a free brake & safety check.

Maintaining  brake efficiency is a must and needs to be tested in line with manufacture instructions, especially when we recognise the extreme heat and dust in Dubai.

The Warning Signs:

Your car’s brake warning light is on.

You have to press harder than normal on the pedal to brake or there is a squealing sound.

How brakes work – The force applied to the pedal is multiplied through leverage, which then, in turn initiates a hydraulic system compressing the brake fluid. The leverages force at one end, pushes a piston, which pushes the fluid through the brake cable and pushes a piston out of the other end, apply the friction to a wheel.

Why Bosch Brake Pads
Tbe Bosch brake pad programme has been designed to complement all types of driving styles, by way of applying the correct composition of friction material to each of its pad types. For all applications, extensive testing has been carried out to ensure the correct comfort level for the driver, resulting in a number of friction formulations being used across the Bosch brake pad range.