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Transmission Repair Service

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    Transmission Repair Service

    Welcome to GT Auto Centre, your trusted destination for comprehensive transmission services in Dubai. We understand that taking care of your vehicle’s transmission is as vital as regular engine oil changes. In this article, we’ll delve into the various transmission services we provide, shedding light on their significance and what each service entails.

    Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

    Your transmission system is a complex network of gears that efficiently transfer power from the engine to your vehicle’s drive wheels. These gears operate seamlessly, adapting to your driving speed. To keep them running smoothly, a special transmission fluid is employed, offering lubrication and cooling properties. Over time, however, this fluid degrades, losing its vital lubricating qualities. Regularly changing this fluid is essential to prevent premature wear and transmission damage.

    Our Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange service involves:

    • Thorough removal of the old transmission fluid, followed by the replacement with pristine fluid of the grade recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

    Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement

    The automatic transmission filter plays a pivotal role in eliminating dirt and contaminants from the automatic transmission fluid, ensuring its cleanliness and effectiveness.

    Our Automatic Transmission Filter Replacement service includes:

    • The removal of the transmission pan.
    • Replacement of the old transmission filter with a new one.
    • Substitution of the old gasket material with a new gasket, along with the reinstallation of the pan.
    • Refilling the transmission with new automatic transmission fluid, maintaining the proper level.
    Transmission Service & Repair
    Transmission Service & Repair

    Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill

    Automatic transmission fluid serves multiple crucial functions, including lubricating, cooling, and cleansing internal transmission components. It also sustains the hydraulic pressure necessary for the transmission to operate optimally. Over time, the additives in this fluid can diminish, affecting its performance.

    Our Automatic Transmission Drain and Fill service comprises:

    • Careful removal of the transmission fill/drain plug to extract the aged automatic transmission fluid.
    • Reinstallation of the transmission fill/drain plug.
    • Topping up the transmission with fresh automatic transmission fluid to the correct level.

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    Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange & Filter Replacement

    Similar to the previous services, this comprehensive offering targets the enhancement of your transmission system’s longevity and performance.

    Our Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange & Filter Replacement service encompasses:

    • Complete replacement of the fluid within the transmission system, encompassing the torque converter and transmission cooler.
    • Removal of the transmission pan.
    • Replacement of the old transmission filter with a new one.
    • Replacement of the old pan gasket with a new gasket, along with reinstallation of the pan.
    • Topping up the transmission with fresh automatic transmission fluid to the appropriate level.

    Manual Transmission Service

    Manual transmission fluid plays a vital role in the lubrication of gears, bearings, shafts, and other internal components. However, factors such as heat, pressure, and friction can degrade the additives in this fluid over time. Additionally, tiny metal particles may dislodge from the gears as they wear down, potentially mixing with the fluid. Contamination by water is also a concern.

    Our Manual Transmission Service comprises:

    • Draining or evacuating the aged manual transmission fluid.
    • Filling the manual transmission with the recommended type and quantity of new fluid as specified by the manufacturer.

    The cumulative impact of these services is remarkable. They improve lubrication, bolster the holding capacity of friction components, and mitigate heat. As a result, your transmission operates efficiently and enjoys a longer lifespan, reducing the likelihood of major transmission repairs.

    At GT Auto Centre, we offer all these services, and our team is always ready to provide detailed explanations to address any queries you may have. Contact Us Today 

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