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Do you want to know what goes on at an automobile shop on a typical day?

Do you want to know what goes on at an automobile shop on a typical day?

Continue reading for a look at a typical day in the life of a vehicle mechanic

Isn’t the usual 40-hour work week comprised of an average day, an average routine, and an average salary? Not so fast — a vehicle mechanic’s job may adhere to the 40-hour work week, but a typical day is thrilling, busy, and varied. In the life of a vehicle mechanic, anything may happen!

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Car mechanics execute maintenance and repairs on a variety of new and old cars, as well as diagnostic testing and inspections. The unique aspect of this career is that fresh obstacles develop on a daily basis, and there will never be a fixed pattern.

An automobile mechanic’s responsibilities

An auto mechanic’s normal to-do list is dependent on both the structure of the garage/shop and the abilities and specialties that a specific individual possesses. Some shops use mechanics to perform general services, such as preventative maintenance or repair. Oil changes, brake and tyre servicing, and basic tune-ups are examples of such services. 

Some vehicle mechanics, on the other hand, may opt to specialise in a certain area that relates to a specific function at a business. Specializations in vehicle technology, such as electrical repairs, transmission maintenance, or air conditioning, are common.

 One of the most common roles is the ability in following tasks 

  • Parts should be troubles hooted and tested to determine the cause of the problem.
  • Work processes should be planned.
  • Make estimations.
  • Carry out basic maintenance and upkeep (changing oil, checking fluid levels, rotating tyres)
  • Carry out repairs/replacements (brake pads, wheels, sensors)
  • Customers should be contacted.
  • Purchase components
  • Help with warranties
  • Make appointments.
  • Keep track of inventories.

The future of auto mechanics: the era of electric vehicles

The ongoing move toward car electrification is gaining steam, which implies that the industry’s foreseeable future will surely concentrate upon EVs. Not only are electrified cars and SUVs becoming increasingly popular, but breakthrough technology has lately advanced to encompass electric trucks, vans, and even long-haul vehicles.

So, what does this mean for automobile mechanics?

Electric vehicles should not be considered as a danger to auto technicians. Rather, they should be viewed as an opportunity for auto mechanics to broaden their skill sets in order to integrate new technologies.

Because automobiles are growing more sophisticated, it is critical that automotive technicians keep current on the latest innovations.

In conclusion

As the automotive industry evolves, the next generation of technicians will contribute knowledge and abilities to the area that will assist firms in reaching new heights. The day-to-day life of a mechanic may change in the next years, but one truth will remain constant: no two days will ever be the same.

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