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Roof Lining Repair Services

We at GT Auto Centre, specialise in solving soft top & hard top convertible roof repairs in Dubai. We are a leading UAE roof repair specialist. Either you have a problem while folding the roof or you are having alignment issues with the Convertible Roof. If you think your car soft top needs to be repaired or replaced, at GT Auto Centre we have all the solutions for Roof Repair in Dubai.

GT Auto Centre is The Leading Car Care Centre in Dubai. We offer a whole range of associated services such as polishing, interior seat shampoo, ceramic coatings, scratch and dent repairs, roof cloth replacement, smell treatments and many speciality services such as cement removal.

We deal in all brands, makes and models while promising you find out services surpassing quality standards. Whether you are looking for Bentley Roof repair services in Dubai or any other exotic car Convertible roof repair services, we will never let you down.

A nice, clean interior will ensure your vehicle looks, and feels, as comfortable as it can; and there’s no easier way to achieve that than having your roof interior material compact and well-maintained. Your roof lining will experience natural wear and tear, beginning to sag and detach from the ceiling—particularly so once the car is more than eight years old. Leaving it unattended will not only look unattractive, but pose a potential safety hazard as your rear view window may become partially blocked. The main reason your car roof lining starts to strip away from the ceiling is because of heat that builds up in vehicles over time; this, of course, can happen at a more rapid rate in hotter parts of the country. A lot of car owners believe that roof lining detachment can be solved using cheap, quick DIY methods, like using a strong adhesive to re-seal it; however, heat damage causes both the lining material itself, as well as its foam backing, to crumble. This means that, more often than not, your car roof lining requires replacement, as opposed to the original material just being reattached to the ceiling. These days roof lining fabric has stitching on the back which holds the foam in place, lasting longer and causing fewer problems down the line. Car roof lining repair involves removing all the proximal plastics—lights, handles, sun visors, panels, and so on—so that the roof liner board can be taken out of your vehicle. Your roof should not need to be removed; instead, the technician will retrieve the liner board from one of the side doors, or the tailgate in the case of a wagon. Then the old foam and glue will be cleaned off, and new material will be applied. Once the glue is sticky, the material is tailored to the right shape and size, and inserted back into the vehicle. A typical repair job will take around 2.5 hours. If your vehicle has a sunroof, or any other features that make the standard roof setup slightly more complex, expect it to take a little longer.

Regular Maintenance

  • Air and Fuel Filter Replacement Where Necessary
  • A Thorough Inspection of All Engine Component
  • Spark Plug Wire Inspection
  • Spark Plug Replacement

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