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If the air conditioning in your car isn’t blowing as cold as it once did through the climate vents, it’s time to have it serviced. The refrigerant gas that powers your air conditioner and keeps you cool might seep away over time. You’ll need to recharge the system at some point. This entails recharging the system with just the correct amount of refrigerant at just the appropriate pressure. DIY kits claim to provide a quick, inexpensive, and simple answer to this problem, but there are some caveats. Read on to see if your car qualifies for these DIY products, and why we always advocate expert A/C system service at GT Auto Center instead.

DIY A/C Recharge Cans Aren’t Compatible With All Vehicles, Older Or Newer

R-134a is a type of A/C system refrigerant that is used in the majority of cars on the road today. If your vehicle is one of them, several do-it-yourself A/C system recharge kits are available at your local auto parts store. Your vehicle’s A/C system will be different if you have an older vehicle or a new hybrid or electric vehicle. The system in historic cars employs the more volatile R12 refrigerant, which will need to be serviced or retrofitted to function with the new R-134a refrigerant. R1234yf refrigerant is used in the latest cars, including hybrid and electric vehicles. Your automobile may not be compatible with DIY A/C system recharge cans unless it has the most common type of A/C system and refrigerant.

We Have The Right Equipment For The Job

DIY A/C system recharge kits are designed to be simple enough for anyone to use, even if they have no prior expertise working on cars. However, this means they aren’t as effective as professional A/C system recharging equipment. DIY A/C recharge kits, for example, only connect to the low-pressure side of the system and include a single pressure gauge. To properly monitor the pressure in the system, professional-grade A/C system gauges connect at both the low-pressure and high-pressure sides of the system with separate gauges. When using DIY A/C recharging kits, makes it much easy to fill your automobile incorrectly.

We can look for leaks in the system.

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system may develop a leak over time, allowing refrigerant to flow into the atmosphere. DIY A/C recharging systems can add refrigerant to the system, but if there’s a leak, the refrigerant will simply leak out again, and you’ll be right back where you started. We may first pressure test the system and detect any leaks if you hire an experienced A/C system recharge service. Before the recharging service is worth the effort, leaks in the system must be repaired.

We can safely reclaim old refrigerants.

The term “refrigerant” refers to a specific gas that contains some volatile chemicals. For example, the old R12 refrigerant is a CFC, or chlorofluorocarbon, which has been proved to destroy the ozone layer! As a result, the old refrigerant gas in your car’s air conditioning system cannot be simply discharged into the atmosphere. It must be recaptured and properly disposed of. This is only achievable with high-end equipment. While DIY A/C system rechargers can add refrigerant, they are unable to safely remove the old refrigerant. The best approach to ensure that your A/C system performs at its optimum is to remove the old refrigerant and completely refill your car with a new refrigerant.

DIY A/C Recharge Kits Might Harm Your Car

Filling your vehicle’s A/C system to the wrong pressure may not only fail to recharge the system, but it will also cause serious harm! If you overfill the system, you’ll require expert assistance to remove the excess refrigerant.

Furthermore, if your car’s A/C system needs to be recharged, it’s likely that a minor leak has developed somewhere in the system. It’s pointless to recharge a leaking A/C system! It may be tempting to save money by performing this service yourself, but you’ll be happy with the results if you leave it to the professionals at GT Auto Center.

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