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GT Auto Centre – The best car maintenance providers

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GT Auto Centre – The best car maintenance providers

Finding a well known and cost-effective car maintenance provider can be a difficult job when you have a busy schedule. With increasing workloads and extended office hours during this pandemic, the weight is unbearable. And while we’re all busy getting through the day, our cars are getting ignored. And to take care of them is a must especially since they do so much. You may have heard of numerous options for a car service provider however the decision may have been difficult to make. Why? Because you really didn’t know about GT auto center until now.

  1. Our experience:

GT Auto Centre is a renowned ‘bumper to bumper’ car service center that is located in Al Quoz, Dubai. We offer an extensive range of premium car services and are highly respected as a car service center in town. Ranging our services from basic oil changes to proficient car engine repairs for any car that you own. We majorly specialize in AC reconditioning and with over 10 years of extraordinary premium services for all makes of cars, we are the first choice for many. Our team and service centers are the ultimate car maintenance and car care providers in the city.

  • Our history:

GT auto center is a western owned, established, and managed car service center that deeply believes in providing great quality, reliability, and satisfaction to our customers. Our customer care philosophy is dedicated to providing the best value and the most professional services so you can trust us and come back again.

  • Our vision:

GT auto center was built on the ideology that ‘customer is king’ which is why we aim to reach wider audiences and become an effective and consistent car service center in the city.

  • Our mission:

We strive to provide premium catered services and the best possible vehicle maintenance and repairs that are cost effective and high quality.

  • Our values and our principles:

Being a well known and sought after car service center in Dubai, our team greatly adheres to these values and we make sure we incorporate them in every car that we work on

  • Honesty – to be transparent and direct in all our dealings
  • Integrity – to build trust and partnership
  • Reliability – to provide first-grade parts and services
  • Excellence – to make sure your car leaves in its best shape and condition
  • Friendliness – to make your car feel at home and offer a unique experience
  • What can you expect from us?

We take great pride in being a car service center that is prized and valued by our clients. We make sure that the problem your car comes with, it leaves in a condition that is 100 times better. You can expect effort, dedication, and commitment from our team. Our specialists make sure that your car is provided with quality and greatness so it functions at its best. One thing for sure is, that you won’t be disappointed with our car service center!


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