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Is Car Interior Important?

Is Car Interior Important?

Is Car Interior Important?

Car maintenance is important as periodic maintenance prevents malfunctioning of cars, increases the performance of cars and fuel efficiency. It also lengthens the life of your car too. Regular servicing ensures that your car strives to please you in top condition. And given when your car is in top condition it will last longer–adding years of use for you.

Are you in need of Car Interior repair?

Refurbishing damaged leather, vinyl, plastic, or fabric in your car, truck, van, motorhome, camper, motorcycle or recreational vehicle not only enhances its appearance and comfort but also boosts the overall value of your investment as well. Whether you have faded or worn seats, a damaged leather steering wheel, a cracked dashboard, door panels, or armrests, Fibrenew can make it look great again for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Let’s understand components covered under Car Upholstery Service  :

  • Upholstery Replacement 
  • Headliner Repair
  • Dashboard Restoration 
  • Car Seat Refurbishment

So finally you get it, if you are begrudgingly fighting off saggy, drooping car roof upholstery, or headliner, you’re definitely not alone. Don’t worry, it’s normal and this car repair isn’t very expensive. First, let’s figure out when do we need car upholstery repair?

Given that you stand in one of the following shoes, we got your back!

When should you consider getting a car interior repaired?

Wear and Tear: 

The adhesive breaks down over time.

Your car’s headliner is actually made with 2 different materials—polyurethane, a foam-like layer that goes directly over your car ceiling, and a layer of fabric that goes on top of the polyurethane. This headliner stays in place with an adhesive; over time, as the glue breaks down, the headliner starts to droop and sag off your car’s ceiling. Typically, the car headliner starts to sag after 10-15 years.

Give Your Car a Makeover: 

Replacing your car’s upholstery is a simple way to change the experience of driving. While lots of people focus on exterior makeovers, the inside of your car is very important for your comfort and brings new ease to the equation. You can repair damaged upholstery and experience it on your own.

Habits to switch to keep your car clean 

  • Keep trash bags in your car
  • Don’t smoke inside the car
  • Dust your floor mats from time to time
  • Avoid eating inside the car
  • Clean up messes as soon as they happen
  • Avoid air fresheners
  • Keep tissue or wet wipes in your car
  • Be organized; get rid of anything in your car that you don’t require.

Unfortunately, the friction of your brakes causes your brake pads to wear down over time, and they will need to be replaced time and time again.

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