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Lamborghini roof liner repair Dubai

Car AC Service in Dubai

Lamborghini roof liner repair Dubai

Lamborghini roof liner repair services at GT Auto Center

GT Auto Center – Dubai’s recognised house for liner repairing of Lamborghini roof

The hybrid technology equipped Lamborghini is considered to be the most stylish sports car across the globe. However, there are several awesome cars but the Lamborghini does bring something special for car lovers. Hence the demand for such cars is quite obvious and so are the service centers for its maintenance.

The speciality of GT Auto Center 

A highly equipped car like Lamborghini does need the assistance of experts and skilled engineers for its maintenance. GT Auto Center in Dubai is one of those popular service centers that is constantly serving them in maintaining this stylish designed car.

The roof liner of the Lamborghini is one of the important aspects of the car. It helps the passengers within the car to enjoy a comfortable journey despite the heat of the desert. Therefore, the Lamborghini roof liner repair Dubai needs expert assistance from service centers like GT Auto Center.

Why would you prefer GT Auto Center, Dubai?

There are certain aspects that point to GT Auto Center for any assistance with regards to Lamborghini. These are some of the points where GT Auto Center is specialised for:

  • Polishing – Few polishing steps along with compounds like Menzerna makes the car look glossy.
  • Ceramic coating – Ceramic coating on the car helps in improving the durability of the color and shine of the car.
  • Interior seat shampoo – the use of interior seat shampoo cleans the seats and brings a new look to it.
  • Roof cloth replacement – the roof cloth replacement improves the resistance of the liner roof ensuring more durability.


GT Auto Center of Dubai takes the responsibility of maintaining the car. Owning a Lamborghini is no more a headache for the owners. You can simply enjoy the comfort of the car leaving out the maintenance part to GT Auto Center.


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