German automaker Porsche exclusively manufactures high-performance cars and SUVs and is considered a luxury brand in the U.S. Porsche is known for horizontally opposed “boxer” engines, often rear-mounted, which historically were air-cooled. Now all Porsches have conventional liquid cooling. Though all of Porsche’s platforms are rear-wheel drive, Porsche was a pioneer in the use of all-wheel drive for performance rather than foul weather, starting in versions of its legendary 911.

Porsche’s Cayenne crossover/SUV, now in its second generation, became the brand’s best-selling model despite widespread criticism of both the company’s decision to build a truck and its execution of a heavy, off-road-capable SUV. The new version is lighter and has improved road manners, and it offers an optional hybrid drivetrain. Porsche’s ‘The Cayenne’ shares its platform, hybrid system and a six-cylinder engine with the Volkswagen Touareg.

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