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Range Rover Car Services

Range Rover vehicles are known for their beautiful interiors, power accessories, innovative electronics, powerful engines and classic exteriors. As one of the pioneers in off-road capability, Range Rover SUVs have the capability to go off-road, tow large loads and can accelerate at a really fast rate. .

Range Rover vehicles are luxury vehicles with loads of character and the older models were as strong as tanks. You may be looking for the best range rover service in Dubai after your purchase. All Range Rover vehicles made after the early 1990s have an air suspension which make the ride comfortable and give them class leading ground clearance. This suspension system, however, is known to fail after 5 to 10 years. Electrical issues, oil leaks and transmission problems are all quite common in older Range Rover models. With Range Rover vehicles having a reputation for needing expensive maintenance, repairs and parts you need to have access to excellent Range Rover service in Dubai if you own one

The Common Problem

Before going on a long trip, ensure you take the vehicle in for Range Rover service in Dubai at a trusted service centre like GT Auto Centre. The technicians who deal with the maintenance and repair of your Range Rover should be technically competent and familiar with common maintenance and repair issues that can trouble Range Rover vehicles. This is why you need to have on board a trusted centre like GT Auto Centre. As a leading service centre that offers a wide range of services including paint protection, wheel alignment, tyre change services, A/C repair and brake and suspension, take GT Auto Centre on board as a trusted partner for all maintenance and repair needs for your beloved Range Rover.

Regular Maintenance

  • Air and Fuel Filter Replacement Where Necessary
  • A Thorough Inspection of All Engine Component
  • Spark Plug Wire Inspection
  • Spark Plug Replacement

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