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What does it mean to check Engine Light?

What does it mean to check Engine Light?

Imagine a situation where you are driving and your notice a yellow light on your dash which indicates that you should check your engine or service it. You might have little idea about this if you are a new car owner and be new to a situation like this.  Here are a few pointers that would help you to understand the meaning of the engine light. You can find services for many important requirements for your car with Audi car services.

The Meaning of the Light

This light is actually part of your car’s onboard diagnostic system. Computers have increasingly become more involved in the monitoring and controlling process of cars and making note of the vehicle’s performance. Computers technology has also become part of regulating the engine sped, ignition timings or the fuel mixture and especially in modern cars there are more factors that are done through the use of computers such as telling automatic transmission for when to shift. Find more details for car parts with Audi car services. When there is a problem found by the system, there is a yellow warning light indicator labeled as “check engine” or some other form and icon. This basically indicates that there is a problem and requires an inspection and potentially a service for the engine repair. With Audi car services you can get routine check-ups and avoid serious issues to arise.

What you can do After Noting the Light

After checking the light, which would either be blinking or remain illuminated based on the type of problem identified by the system you would have to act upon notice. A light which is blinking can be red, orange or mainly yellow means that the problem requires immediate attention as the issue might be more serious. Whereas if the light remains steady then this means the issue is not on the level of an emergency. Emergency or not, you can use Audi car services for any problem with your vehicle. With Audi car services you can keep your car away from the risks of huge problems.

Some Simple Tips

You can find the right services with Audi car services for you vehicle. Here are a few actions you can take when you see the engine light:

  • You can start to look for any serious problems such as low oil pressure or presence of overheating in the vehicle. These issues would require you to pull over and completely shut off your car engine at a safe spot.
  • You may try to tighten the gas cap which can solve many issues however this might take a long time before the light would finally reset. Some cars might have separate indicators which have a warning specifically for a gas loose cap. You can find more tips and services with Audi car services.
  • You can reduce the speed and the load on the car engine when you notice the engine light or notice some performance issues like loss of power you should implement reduction on speed and the power on the engine.
  • You might also look into using the built-in services for diagnostics which is available in some cars. Mainly modern cars has the integrated remote diagnostic capabilities and this would have the ability to report on the trouble codes or even schedule an appointment for service. You can look into finding the right services with Audi car services.

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