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What Exactly is Vehicle Maintenance?

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What Exactly is Vehicle Maintenance?

Vehicle maintenance and service are performed whenever the vehicle reaches a particular number of kilometres on a regular basis or when the vehicle fails to work properly. It is recommended that vehicle owners do frequent and periodic checkups on their vehicles. 

car service center dubai

What comes under vehicle maintenance?

Your car’s upkeep is critical. Due to the hot and dusty circumstances in the UAE, automobile maintenance should be performed every 10k miles as a rule of thumb.

It’s critical for your vehicle’s safety and mechanical integrity, and tracking of your car service history is necessary for selling purposes down the road; an Full Service history may significantly increase the value of your vehicle!

How can I find out about my maintenance history?

You should always know your automobile’s service history, whether you’ve owned it since new or recently purchased it second-hand from a dealer or a private seller, especially if it’s an imported car.

If visitors live in Dubai and wish to look up a car’s service history, go to the Ministry of Interior’s website. The former owner may have retained documents of the vehicle’s service and maintenance history, which he or she will likely share with you. If you don’t have this information, someone can do a Pre-Purchase Inspection.

There are 2 kinds of service major service and minor service.

What Does a Minor Service Include?

In general, minor services will include: Oil and oil filter replacement, Check the pollen filter and the air conditioning, Check the cooling effectiveness of your air conditioner, Check the steering, brakes, suspension, and car tires visually, Fluids, filters, belts, and hoses are all inspected, Battery inspection and report, Examine the lights and wiper blades, Check coolant level, windshield washer level, and brake fluid level and color, Check the level of power steering fluid, Both the interior and outside are spotless.

As you can see, a small service is exactly that. If any problems or concerns have emerged after your car was last serviced, ask others to perform a more thorough check of the area you’re worried about, and we’ll do our best to conduct a full auto repair.

What Is a Major Service and What Does It Include?

All of the above is included in the minor bundle, plus these

From dents and scrapes to the hooter and wipers, a 140-point automotive inspection is performed. On the dashboard, look for warning lights, Check the spark plugs and replace them if they need to be replaced, Pollen filter replacement and AC servicing, brake fluid replacement, Fluid replacement, If required, replace the fuel filter, If desired, tire rotation.

In conclusion, whenever your car needs service head out to GT Auto Centre for an unparallel experience.

The objective at GT Auto Centre is to give their customers the finest available car maintenance and repair at a reasonable price and in a satisfactory fashion, based on their quality, transparency, and dependability.

It’s only fair that such a professional organization adheres to its own set of benchmarks. By delivering the greatest quality vehicle services, GT Auto Centre will constantly strive to bring trust, dependability, and value to its clients.

GT Auto Centre is A TRUSTED BRITISH RUN CAR SERVICE CENTRE IN DUBAI. Feel free to visit www.gtautocentre.com for more guidance or dial +971 43237106.

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