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What is a Car Clinic?

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What is a Car Clinic?

A car Clinic is a research approach that is unique to the car industry and includes both descriptive and analytical phases. The most typical reason is to evaluate and discover how to enhance a car concept or a new vehicle.

Functions of Car Clinic!

Car Clinic is where you can give us your opinions and impressions from the customer’s point of view. The Car Clinic is a market test that provides customers with detailed feedback on new concepts and existing car models. 

Automakers are showing consumers among four to eight competing brands and models. These vehicles will be placed in the showroom so that consumers can see and provide feedback. 

Car clinics can be dynamic (moving) or static (stationary prototype or test material). The Car makers operate car clinics for different purposes and at different times. The most common goal is to evaluate new models and learn how to improve them.

 Another goal of running a car clinic is to understand the purchasing process between competing car models. 

 You can test additional factors.

 In a typical automotive clinic, respondents may have the opportunity to learn about vehicle design, performance, interior / exterior, and test materials from competitors. Some respondents may also be asked to test the vehicle at a dynamic car clinic to assess the performance of the vehicle.

Online car clinics are efficient and convenient. 

The Online Car Clinic is ideal for: 

  • Benchmark Clinic 
  • External Design Rating 
  • Vehicle Interiors and Accessories 
  • Market Position 
  • Early Vehicle Development Stage with Limited Vehicle Prototypes 
  • Investigation of Factors Not Revealed by Static Car Clinic 
  • Additional Cars Technology as a clinic

What Car Clinic Can Reveal 

  • Design Preference 
  • Improvement 
  • Performance 
  • Internal / External 
  • Segmentation Information 
  • Marketing Message 
  • Price Information 
  • Market Positioning 
  • Competitive Information

What purpose do car clinics solve?

The most common purpose is to evaluate a prototype car or new model and learn how to improve it. The cars being evaluated are compared to existing competing models of various brands (typically 3-6). All vehicles are assembled in a closed showroom. Prototypes are usually not seen or photographed, so it is a facility with a one-way viewing room and good security. Potential and new buyers of the segment are recruited to look at the car, show their tastes and give different ratings and opinions, especially regarding styling and design.

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