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Why Do You Need Rust Repair for Your Car?

Why Do You Need Rust Repair For Your Car?

Why Do You Need Rust Repair for Your Car?

Rust repairs are ones that prevent lethal complications in a driver’s life and hence are one of the most important and yes, equity draining services.

But before getting into that, let’s Understand Why Cars Rust?

Rust is the end product of a natural process called the oxidation of the contaminated metal. This process occurs when the iron in metal reacts to oxygen in the presence of water or moisture. The unattractive brown and crumbly substance that the reaction results in, we call it rust.

Modern cars are much less susceptible to rust and corrosion thanks to the use of galvanized steel and advanced anti-rust paint coatings. However, rust still presents a major problem in vehicles today because the metallic components have to be drilled, cut, and drilled when manufacturing the vehicle. These actions lower the rust resistance level, further accelerated by factors such as rain (or humid conditions) and salt when the car is in use.

Car rust may also be attributed to neglect. When you fail to clean rust off the car as soon as it appears, it can eat away the metallic components, which affects the vehicle’s structural integrity and resale value.

Let’s explore the exact type of rust affecting your vehicle:

Rust formation occurs in 4 major stages, each requiring a different corrective action.

Stage 1

This is the ideal baseline where there is no sign of rust spots, such as paint bubbling or cracking. Likewise, if the metallic part is not painted, there aren’t any visible traces of rust, for instance, etching or pitting.

There is no cause for worry at this stage since there are no visible signs of rust. However, you can still lower corrosion chances by keeping the vulnerable surfaces as clean as possible. Removing contaminated agents, such as oil, grease, and dirt is another preventative measure at this stage.

Stage 2– Surface Rust

This is rust forming on the top layer of your car’s surfaces. At this stage, you start noticing small patches of brown, black, or white deposits on the metal surfaces making these parts less uniform to the rest of the body. If this type of car rust happens on the painted surfaces, the protective paint coating will display cracks, nicks, or cracks and this acts as your rust repair.

Remember surface rust is a superficial problem that can be fixed easily. However, if ignored, it can quickly intensify and get into the next stage, posing a bigger problem.

Stage 3– Scale Rust

At this stage, the actual degradation of the metallic components has begun. This phase is characterized by a visible sign of bubbling on the painted areas. These bubbles are a result of the reaction between iron and oxygen on the metal underneath the paint. This reaction causes shards of corroded metal, which gives the affected area a rough texture. When not dealt with, this stage of rust starts working on the bare metal, causing pits.

Stage 4– Penetrating Rust

This phase represents the most advanced car rusting level. The pinholes from the second stage have penetrated through the panels and metal frames. Because penetrating rust eats through the metallic components, repairing the damage often requires replacing the entire portion or body panel.

How To Fix Major Rust On A Car? 

Rust is a recurring issue for car owners, especially if they have multiple vehicles that can’t all share the same garage space. Rust isn’t just bad for your vehicle’s esthetic. It can also compromise your vehicle’s structural integrity if it goes on for too long, as rust eats through metal over time.

As vehicles age, they become more susceptible to rust, so you can’t avoid it forever.  And so consulting an expert is a must.


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