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Is Car Care Important?

Is Car Care Important

Is Car Care Important?

Car Care is of utmost importance. We here at our workshop offer an extensive range of car wash and cleaning services. Our car grooming packages include a complete range of services right from basic car washing to detailed interior and upholstery cleaning, protective coating, vacuuming, and dashboard polishing.

Our workshops make use of high-quality cleaning products and the best types of equipment including the latest in the advancement of technology. 

The different types of car care services offered are as follows:

  • Interior and Upholstery Cleaning, disinfection from germs and fresh interiors
  • Wax Polish
  • Paint Restoration Polish- High gloss and finishing
  • Underbody Antirust Treatment- Seals and protects the under chassis of the car from impact, long term protection against rusting to the underbody of the vehicle
  • Petrol/Diesel Additive- To improve the fuel efficiency of the car
  • AC Disinfection Treatment- Covers Ac interior vents, cooling coil, and blower disinfection
  • Engine Flush Treatment- The engine is treated to flush carbon deposits from the system
  • Radiator Flush Treatment-  The radiator is treated to flush the sludge, impurities from the system

Car Care: Should just exterior sanitation maintenance be enough?

For most car owners, the priority is always to keep the outside of the car clear. This makes sense as that’s what the others see. However, there are good reasons to dedicate time to keep the interior of your car clean, preferably through a car cleaning service well versed in all aspects of vehicular maintenance, like MFSC. With professional car detailing at our workshop, assist you to thrive in a safe, leisurely environment. We suggest that you allow professional assistance to take care of your car as they would ensure the best for you and your car.

Do note that even after our expert’s emphasis on the matter it won’t be enough if you don’t understand how important it is for car interiors to be kept clean and hygienic for the overall well being of your car. We have highlighted some of the major benefits of keeping your car’s interior clean in addition to the exterior, as follows:

  • Greatly Reduce Wear and Tear.
  • Avoid Health Issues
  • Increase Driving Safety

DIY section: Habits to develop for keeping your car clean at all times

  • Keep trash bags in your car
  • Don’t smoke inside the car
  • Dust your floor mats from time to time
  • Avoid eating inside the car
  • Clean up messes as soon as they happen
  • Avoid air fresheners
  • Keep tissue or wet wipes in your car
  • Be organized; get rid of anything in your car that you don’t require.

Unfortunately, the friction of your brakes causes your brake pads to wear down over time, and they will need to be replaced time and time again.

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