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A to Z About Kia Service Centre

A to Z About Kia Service Centre

A to Z About Kia Service Centre

Kia had already established quite a name for itself in recent years. Automobiles with a more unique look have given Kia an edge over competitors. Nevertheless, increased popularity implies that there are more devices available for buyers to grumble over.

Is it possible to transport my Kia to any Kia dealership for servicing and warranty repairs?

GT Auto Centre prefers that all servicing and warranty repairs be completed by Kia dealers, where qualified technicians are familiar with your Kia and only use Kia Genuine Parts.

Where can I find the nearest Kia repair centre?

Please visit our website, we offer Kia services for automobiles.

When should I have my Kia car serviced?

For maintenance, each Kia model has a suggested service period. The suggested service interval workshop should be found in the owner’s handbook.

How can I schedule a service appointment?

Service appointments can be scheduled in the accompanying ways:

1. Kia Access: Use the Smartphone app to schedule service appointments.

2. Kia Webpage: To schedule an appointment, go to the Service Booking area.

3. Straight Call: Customers can call the Kia-approved service center directly and schedule an appointment based on availability.

How much will it cost to service my vehicle?  20K service, 40K service 

The Service Cost Calculator was created to increase openness and knowledge among Kia consumers. Please use the Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of the recommended service as well as other data. 

A number of times I am entitled to free services for Kia?

The whole first three scheduled services are free for up to a year or 10,000 kilometers; please review the owner’s handbook for further information.

During the Free Service period, the wages for performing upkeep are nominal, but the cost of oil consumables, parts, and other activities requested by the client but not included in the regularly scheduled maintenance are invoiced at real.


Unfortunately, the friction of your brakes causes your brake pads to wear down over time, and they will need to be replaced time and time again.

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